Ryan Gorer – U.S. Patent #7,783,547

System and Method for Determining Hedge Strategy Stock Market Forecasts

Patent number: 7,783,547
Filing date: December 10, 2004
Issue date: August 24, 2010
Application number: 11/008,860

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The invention is a system and method for recording, generating and presenting hedge strategy stock market forecasts based upon the collective input of individuals in an investment community. Input gathered from individuals in the investment community is aggregated and processed into consensus hedge strategy forecasts. A randomly generated pair of stock tickers is presented to a user. The user casts a vote by selecting the stock that the user thinks will outperform the other one over a specified period of time. The system records the resulting hedge strategy forecast, which is comprised of a long stock position for the stock chosen and a short stock position for the stock not chosen. The system tabulates input from multiple individuals to calculate consensus forecasts.